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What Does Our Service Cost?

Most New Zealand Families are unwittingly paying for their homes 2-3 times over. A lot of people don't realise how much their mortgage is actually costing them. They are constrained by a system that disadvantages them and the people they care about

What do we provide?

We provide a comprehensive and independant service.

  1. Our service is both proactive and responsive and this is what ensures consistent savings gains.
  2. We employ knowledgeable caring people who are dedicated to supporting your success.
  3. We are not paid by the bank as our commitment is to you and not the bank's shareholders. However although we are paid by you, our ongoing service is delivered at no net cost to you.

How do we charge for this service?

Our upfront fee of $5500 and all set up fees are financed into your new facility so it doesn't come out of your saving . It is a flat fee. There are no hidden costs.(No commission on the saving we create for you is charged).

We do not charge GST.

We do not bring back a report if your mortgage payments are increased.

In most cases we can decrease tthe amount paid because we customize your loan to reflect what you earn, what you pay on debt and what you need to live on.

We do not bring back a report unless it is cost effective and truly beneficial to you and your family. On average we save at least $150k in all up savings for our clients. This of course depends on the size of the mortgage. The good news is the bigger the mortgage is the harder it falls because there is that much more interest to save.

We do not charge out our ongoing service by the hour, instead clients pay a $35 monthly fee which gives them a sense of entitlement and encourages them to ring whenever they need attention. We are always only a telephone call away.

So you can see what you pay is a fair price

Especially so when you compare these outgoings with the amount of money our service is dedicated to saving for you. On top of this our professionals offer unstinted time in order to properly support you to become debt free as soon as it is possible.

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