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One size does not fit all. Everyone is different, some people have large outside debts, some own investment properties, some are selling, some are buying and everyone has specific goals they wish to achieve. It is therefore, very important that you have a system and plan in place which is tailored specifically to your circumstances and continues to be updated in real time as your requirements change.

How we calculate a unique structure for you

An Equitus consultant will meet with you to explain more about our program. They will collect information from you such as income, assets, liabilities, expenses and goals.

Then using our unique, specialized software we process this information to calculate how much time and money you can save and where the best deal is and the structure that will best suit you.

Could I do the same thing?

At Equitus we have spent 12 years developing our unique range of tools. Our Mortgage Management Program is designed to get the very best offset interest results out of a line of credit facility. Experience shows (and bankers know) that over 95% of people who embark on a line of credit system without a plan flat line it. In other words they turn a principal and interest loan into an interest only loan and effectively go backwards.

Equitus tailors a structure specifically to you. We determine the perfect ratio between the principal & interest part of your mortgage and the line of credit facility. We calculate where to establish an accurate start point and then make accurate projections about where you should be on a month by month basis. We calculate the best term and rates to fix or re-fix at. And we calculate the optimal time and amount to transfer so you don't waste a cent of interest savings.

A typical Equitus mortgage structure

Firstly you can see that the passive Savings or Cheque account has been replaced with a line of credit account. Your income, repayments and expenses all stay the same but any day there is money sitting in your line of credit account it offsets interest by effectively reducing the overall amount you owe.

Compounding Interest

Remember how banks charge interest on a mortgage every day? Well the same principal works here except in reverse. Interest can only be charged on the amount owing, so anytime any amount of money sits in the transaction account it offsets the amount of interest paid. What you don't pay becomes your savings and these grow at the lender's rate of interest. When these savings reach a certain level in your transaction account it is time pay a lump sum off your principal & interest mortgage. This is because the closer you get to the top the less you can offset. What makes this kind of saving even sweeter is that it cannot be taxed as the savings are occurring within a debt.

The Results

The results of using this mortgage structure can be quite astounding but relies heavily on two things. Firstly getting the structure set up correctly and secondly managing it closely through time. These are the two areas most people fail when they try to DIY this structure that's why Equitus's experience is invaluable.

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