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What makes Equitus special is that we are independent from all lenders. This means we work on behalf of our clients and our sole agenda is saving people the maximum amount of unnecessary interest.

Our service at a glance

Once your new structure is set up we offer the following service:

  1. Regular customer service calls every 3 months, or more regularly as required. These will lead to a meeting with your finance manager if required
  2. Annual review meetings with your finance manager
  3. Refix meetings with your finance manager
  4. Responsive service. You can call us at any time you have a question

Our service makes us unique

We work for our clients to plan ahead so that the interest saved supports the particular needs of each client.

If more cash flow is needed we can calculate what is possible and include this in the monthly forecast. We can also help our clients plan ahead so they can reach goals such as holidays or renovations. And if the car suddenly blows up or something unexpected happens, we can manage it in a sustainable way which does not unnecessarily blow out the term of the mortgage or rack up high amounts of interest.

Our mortgage monitoring service is totally client centred and both proactive and responsive. Our client service team rings you every three months to see how you are progressing and each client has unlimited attention from their finance manager. We update our clients plans annually and every time a major change in circumstance occurs. Our Finance Manager will also be in touch when you need to fix or re-fix and talk you through the options.

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