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What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

We know that making a change to your mortgage structure is a big decision. Below are the stories of clients who have taken the leap.

Terry & Chris

Before Equitus we just swam around in debt, lurching from one pay day to the next and knowing that we would be paying the mortgage into our retirement. How depressing. Since coming on board with Equitus we now have a clearer understanding of how our money can work for us and a smarter way of arranging our finances.

We can now see that our mortgage will be paid off years earlier while still enabling us to maintain a good lifestyle.

We were worried that once we had signed up with Equitus - that would be the last we had heard from them. However we have had fantastic ongoing service from the Equitus team and they are always available to answer our questions and provide continuous expert advice. We whole heartedly recommend Equitus to anyone who wants to take control of their finances and pay off their mortgage early.

Elisabeth & Ross

While wandering through our first home show after moving up from Invercargill to Christchurch and increasing our mortgage by $240,000 we came across a very friendly lady by the name of Linda who stopped us asking if we had a mortgage and would we be interested in paying it off sooner than we could with the bank.

Ross believing that if something looked too good to be true then it probably was, still wasn’t sure but with the clear instructions from Linda and the promise of showing us what to do our journey started.

We have enjoyed watching a big reduction in our mortgage with increasingly reducing the amount of interest we are paying.

Now at 5 years we are proudly looking to having our mortgage paid in two years time and have a cruise planned for 2015.

Thanks Equitus and good luck to anyone entering into their journey to being mortgage free with Equitus. It was great to have the support and guidance from the Equitus family and all we can say is go for it you would be silly not to.

Jessica & Jonathan

We have been able to save for and pay for our wedding and still take years off the term of our home loan.

The education that comes with the Equitus plan has put our heads in a different place and we are now more goal driven.

Glenda & Hoko

We are in our early sixties. We bought a new home in Northfields and were looking at a 23 year mortgage, but since working with an Equitus plan we will have our house paid off well before we are seventy. The money freed up by proper management of our mortgage has enabled us to have money we didn’t have available before and we recently took a holiday without having to worry how we would pay for it.

But for us the best thing is knowing we will have our house paid off before we retire.

Shane & Lisa

We have an average Kiwi income and an average Kiwi mortgage but running our mortgage the Equitus way has given us options we otherwise wouldn’t have otherwise had because having the plan gives us the ability to see ahead and drive our future instead of just working things out week at a time.

In the six years we have been with Equitus we have been able to afford to upgrade to a better house, upgrade several cars, buy a boat and still get out of our mortgage years earlier than we could have anticipated.

We have a comfortable and secure lifestyle because we understand how to manage the money we earn and remain cash positive.

Owen & Leanne

We're very goal oriented and like to use the Equitus plan as the engine to drive our hard earned money forward so we can insure our future prosperity.

We are currently able to save $1,000 a month by using the Equitus facility.


The support needed to run my plan effectively is always available and it’s this willing response that allows me to feel both secure and special.

Recently, because of the interest saved, I was able to update my car to the tune of $15,000

and still know that I was on track to get rid of my mortgage as soon as it is possible.

Denis & Stacey

Since working with the Equitus plan we have seen how much harder our hard earned dollars are working for us. The Equitus plan has enabled us to undertake house renovations and has given us the opportunity to have a one month overseas trip.

We know our Equitus finance manager is only a phone call away and it gives us peace of mind knowing that our debt is being responsibly managed through time and through our ever changing circumstances.

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